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Town of Lake Pleasant Surplus Real Estate Auction #23985

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Item Description:

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Item Description:

Municipality: Lake Pleasant
County: Hamilton
Tax ID: 112.020-1-39.200
Address: 175 Golf Course Rd
Property Class: 311 - Res vac land
Ownership Code: W - Waterfront
School District: Lake Pleasant
Total Acreage/Size: 0.29 Acres/50 x 250 
Land Assessment: 2020 - $63,300
Total Assessment: 2020 - $63,300
Full Market Value: 2020 - $63,300

Latitude: 43.478168,
Longitude: -74.407100

Description: Vacant lot, located near the end of Golf Course Rd on the left. Property sits between house number 173 and 177. Property is .7 miles off Route 8. As you drive down Golf Course Rd, stay right at the fork in the road which is approximately .2 miles down. This property has approximately 50' of frontage on Golf Course Rd and approximately 60' of shoreline frontage.

Current Owner
According to Hamilton County Public Records, legal title to the subject property is held by the Town of Lake Pleasant. This transaction was recorded at the County of Hamilton, a municipality in the State of New York, on December 30, 1997. The transaction was recorded under Hamilton County Deed Book number 216 on Page numbers 482 and 483. The Grantor was Lake Pleasant Golf, Inc., a New York corporation, having an address at Route 8, Town of Lake Pleasant, New York 12108. The Grantee was the Town of Lake Pleasant a municipality in the County of Hamilton in the State of New York with an address at Route 8, Lake Pleasant, NY 12108. The appraiser notes that fourteen property owners have right of ways onto the subject land for the purposes of recreational use of Sacandaga Lake.

Please review the attached document for details regarding the recorded Right of Ways

Neither Auctions International, Inc. nor the Town of Lake Pleasant can offer any sort of legal advice and interested parties should contact an attorney. The below is simply a general explanation of the ROW (right-of-way) easements on the parcel.

The parcel is subject to a number of rights-of-way, including several which are limited “for bathing purposes only.” Some ROW easements over the parcel are for broader, recreational purposes.  These deeds are all public documents, and they can be reviewed at the County or provided upon request.

In general, the owner of the land has the right to use their land as they see fit, so long as they do not restrain/interfere with the easement-holders’ ability to exercise their rights to use their easements.  This would mean that the property owner cannot construct permanent improvement which would prevent easement holders from crossing the property to access the lake for bathing or recreational purposes (whichever is granted in their deeds).  However, other activities which are unlikely to interfere with the easement holders’ rights—such as parking a temporary camper on the parcel—should be allowed.  There may even be some permanent structures the owner could construct, or utility service the owner could install, which would not interfere with any of the easement holders’ rights.  All interest buyers should consult with any attorney before deciding which is and is not permitted under the deeds. 

Deed files available upon request.

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