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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What credit cards does your company accept?
A: Currently we accept MasterCard, Visa and Discover.
Q: How come when I make a payment online it says amount inccorect?
A: The payment amount should not include a dollar sign ($) or commas (,).
Q: Why does the item I'm bidding on keep extending beyond the advertised end time?
A: Our website uses Dynamic Ending Times for online auctions. If bids are placed within the last minute before the scheduled auction ending time, the clock will go back to one minute. They will keep extending back to one minute as long as bidding continues. Once there is a whole minute without any bidding, the auction will end.

This simulates the live auction process where an item does not close out until all interested parties have had a fair opportunity to get their bids in.
Q: Why do the online auction listings I have pulled up on my computer screen show the incorrect time? Is there any way that I can see if the current bid has been raised, or get updated information?
A: Click the "REFRESH" or "RELOAD" Button at the top of your browser window to update the page you are viewing. Every time you want current information (such as new bid amounts, or time left in the auction) simply click the button at the top of your browser window.

SHORTCUT: Hit "F5" to refresh the page you are viewing.
Q. How can I see prices from past online auctions?
A. Click the PAST PRICES link at the top of every page to view past auction results. Use the drop-down menu to filter the results of closed auctions you wish to view.
Q. How can I update my contact information?
A. LOGIN, click on “My Account” from the tab bar, then click on “Personal Information”. At the bottom of the screen, click on the link to “change my personal information”. After updating your information, be sure to click the red button to UPDATE INFORMATION for your changes to take effect.
Q. What does it mean when something is sold "Subject to Seller's Approval"? Why not set reserve prices?
A. This means that the Seller wishes to see what the high bid amount is after the Silent Auction ends. The Seller then either approves or declines to accept that amount. In the majority of the auctions we conduct for our clients, the high bids get approved 1-3 days after the bids close.

Our method of selling items "Subject to Approval" allows the Sellers to take an amount that may be less than they had in mind, but still acceptable. This is better for you, the buyer, because it means the Seller may be willing to let their item go for less than they originally wanted.

If the seller declines a bid, we will post the minimum they will accept for that lot. The high bidders will be notified via email and have (5) days to decide if they are willing to pay that amount. The high bidders are under no obligation to raise their bid to meet the seller’s minimum.
Q. When I get my e-mail notification that my invoice in ready in my account, whom do I pay, and how?
A. As part of our service to our selling clients, we handle all money transactions, and accounts receivable.

Credit card payments can be made online from your account area. You will receive a discount on most purchases by paying with certified funds (cash, certified check, money order). We do not accept personal or business checks.

Payments should be mailed to or dropped off to: Auctions International, 11167 Big Tree Rd, East Aurora, NY 14052. We also allow payments to be made at any Citizens Bank branch. See your invoice for details.
Q. How will the Seller know when I pay? How do I contact the Seller to pick up my purchased item(s)?
A. Once we have received your payment, your invoice is stamped “PAID” and a copy is emailed to the seller. You can login to your account area and print your paid invoice from there. You will be provided with contact information on your paid receipt, so you can schedule a pickup with the Seller.
Q. Can I personally inspect the auction merchandise?
A. Inspection is encouraged. All items sold on this site are "As-Is, Where-Is". This means there are no guarantees, written or implied. We list our auction items with the information provided by the seller. We do not verify the information and leave that responsibility to the bidder. We provide the seller’s contact information for bidders to make arrangements to inspect the item or contact them with questions.

Please do this BEFORE PLACING A BID. Once you place a bid, you are obligated to honor it.
Q. What if I win the bid on an item, and when I go to pick it up I decide I don't really want it? Can I get a refund on the item?
A. All sales are final. No refunds will be issued.

Once the bids close, and your winning bid is accepted, you are personally liable for the bid amount, buyer's premium and applicable sales tax. Users who fail to pay for their bids within the designated time frame will be assessed a $10 administrative fee, plus a penalty fee equal to 20% of the outstanding invoice(s). Your account will be suspended and subject to permanent revocation.
Q. What happens when I am the high bidder?
A. Our auctions are subject to seller approval (unless otherwise specified) before invoices may be released. This approval process may take anywhere from 1-3 business days, typically.

Monitoring your bids in your account area or on our Past Prices page will alert you to their current status (Pending, Approved, Declined)
Q. Why do I need to have a credit card on file? Is it secure?
A. You will need to have at least one credit card on file with us in order to bid at auctions unless you have made prior arrangements with the Auctions International office.

When you go to place a bid, our system does a “test” transaction on your credit card for $.01. This verifies that your credit card is valid. This one cent charge will then void off; you will not actually be charged the $.01.

***Cards may also be used by Auctions International to pay any relisting fees in the event that a bidder does not pay for items won at auction.

Your card information is stored in a fashion that is in compliance with today's stringent credit industry standards.
Q. How do I pay the $10.00 Registration fee?
A. We charge a one-time $10. fee in order to bid. We do not automatically charge the fee when you register. You can have a free account to get our newsletters, however, you will have to pay the $10. fee before you can bid.

When you go to place your first bid, you will get an error message, which will say that you’re not approved to bid yet; as you have to pay the $10. fee. It will say Please Click Here to make the payment. Just click on that link and the $10. will be charged to the credit card on file and you will be able to proceed with your bid(s).
Q. I lost or can’t remember my password. What do I do?
A. You can request a password reset on the login page by submitting your email address in the space provided. You will then be sent an email with a link to reset your password.