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Welcome to Auctions International, where we specialize in transforming your surplus assets into profitable opportunities. Since our inception in 2002, we have been the trusted partner for over 1,500 agencies, leveraging our expertise and high-traffic platform to deliver exceptional results.

Why Choose Auctions International?

Experience and Expertise: Boasting a staff with well over 100 years of auctioneering experience in both live and online auctions. Our team understands the nuances of selling a wide range of assets, from real estate and municipal/educational surplus to secured creditor and personal/business items.

High Traffic Platform: With over 45 million+ page views annually, our platform ensures your assets receive the exposure they deserve, reaching a broad audience of potential buyers.

Virtual Equipment Showroom: Our virtual showroom showcases a diverse array of items, making it easy for buyers to find what they're looking for (and sometimes find assets they didn’t even know they needed)

Turn-Key Process: We handle everything from auction cataloging to transaction processing, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you. Our process is designed for flexibility and success, tailored to meet your unique needs.


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How to Approve your recently closed online sale- Walk-through video

Submitting an Online Auction directly to our system- Walk-through video


If you are from an Educational Institution or Municipality please contact your designated Sales Representative, listed below, to start your selling process today!

If you are a business or individual please contact our Listings Department directly;  

For all other inquiries please contact our Operations Manager directly

RJ Klisiewicz III
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The Auctions International Advantage:

Competitive Bidding Environment: Our online auction platform creates a dynamic marketplace where buyers compete, ensuring you receive the best possible price for your assets.

Dedicated Support: Our team of Sales Representatives is ready to guide you through every step, from contract signing to auction preparation.

Efficient Web Posting: We ensure your items are listed promptly with detailed descriptions and high-quality photographs, attracting serious buyers.

Real-Time Auction Monitoring: Watch the bidding unfold and engage with interested buyers for inspections, adding transparency and excitement to the auction process.

Streamlined Transaction Processing: Our skilled staff efficiently handle all transaction details, ensuring a smooth and swift conclusion to each sale.

Hassle-Free Removal: Buyers are responsible for item removal, coordinated by you, the seller, for a seamless transition.

Prompt Payment: Receive your payment within 15 business days after the auction and all monies are collected, ensuring a quick return on your assets.

Specialized Services:

In addition to our standard offerings, we provide full-service turnkey solutions for tax foreclosed real estate auctions. We cater to the specialized needs of each seller/client. For more information, contact RJ Klisiewicz at


Get Started Today:

We invite you to discover the Auctions International difference. Contact us for a free consultation and asset evaluation. Let us show you how we can maximize the value of your surplus assets. Call 800-536-1401 or email us to begin your journey towards successful asset liquidation.


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