Spring Contractors Sale

Great News!

We have made the decision to offer another Spring Contractors sale. Our last invitation only online Contractors sale was back in 2015. 

We understand that many of our customers may be financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and we want to help however we can. With that said, we will are offering a special selling opportunity to contractors, dealers and businesses.

With all live auction events being postponed indefinitely, our online marketplace will allow you to turn your surplus assets into usable funds.

This online sale is offered ONLY to Businesses, Contractors & Dealers. 



What's next?
Download the below forms;

Spring 2020 Contractors Sale Auction Agreement
Vehicle Condition Report
General Merchandise Condition Report
Listing Instructions

Please be sure to note on your contract whether you will be setting reserves on your assets or selling them absolute. If you are setting reserves please note your reserve amount at the top of the condition report for each applicable asset. We ask that you submit your lowest acceptable amount as your reserve pricing. If it is worth more, it will bring more. If you are looking to sell assets absolute and with reserves please check both boxes on the contract and be sure to note which assets will have a reserve and which assets will be sold absolute.


Important Dates
You will need to have all of your auction materials submitted to our office by Friday, May 1, 2020 at 12 PM (Noon) at the absolute latest. The online only sale will start Monday, May 4, 2020 and end on Monday, May 18, 2020. The online auction will be inclusive all of consignments.

Please submit all of your materials directly to our Listings Department; listings@auctionsinternational.com


Helpful Tips
When cataloging your assets to be auctioned, be sure to do so accurately and truthfully.  We require a minimum of 7 photos per asset being sold, as noted in our Listing Instructions. The more pictures the better! You want to make sure you are accurately representing the assets you are looking to liquidate. 
Do not bid on your own auction.  Bid rigging will not be tolerated.  Individuals who partake in bid rigging and bid on their own assets (or have someone bid on their assets on their behalf) will be prosecuted by the fullest extent of the law. 
Free Storage
If you would like to bring your assets to our facility in East Aurora, NY we are offering free storage in our secured facility. 
After The Sale!
Asset Pickup/Removal
We suggest following the guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for how to stay healthy and help prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

When picking up auction purchases during this time, please follow local guidelines on physical distancing and staying home. Please utilize a third party, shipper/hauler where applicable.

If you are meeting a consignor in person, we recommend arranging your meeting directly with the contact of the auction. We also recommend you do not physically touch (i.e. shake hands) with the contact person.
Please understand that travel restrictions may be in place, delaying your ability to pick up assets.
Clean and disinfect items
Clean and disinfect any items you pick up.

Be sure to clean any asset before bringing it into your home. Learn about the guidelines from the CDC on cleaning and disinfecting product.
Use online payment methods
We suggest utilizing the online payment methods we have available; credit/debit card and wire transfers.
If you choose to pay electronically using a wire transfer, avoid payment links and log in directly through your banks website.
Beware of Fraudulent Activity
Please be aware of an increase in online fraud schemes related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The FBI warns of fake CDC emails as well as “phishing” emails that ask people to verify personal information to receive economic stimulus checks, receive refund checks, fake testing kits, cures or vaccines, receive financial relief or make charitable contributions. 
Remember that all Auctions International, Inc. emails are  ____@auctionsinternational.com.